Historic Trees Aren't Gone... They're in your Barn!

Recently, Dr. Christy Rollinson from The Morton Arboretum and I collected core samples from timbers in the Greene Farm Barn at the Greene Valley Forest Preserve in DuPage County. This recently refurbished structure is partially composed of hand-hewn oak timbers. and will hopefully help us understand more about historic forest conditions before intensive European settlement.

Our adventures were covered by Bernie Tafoya from WBBM and Forest Preserve District of DuPage County.

New Publication! Further evidence that small trees are important too.

Dr. Alex Dye was the lead author on a recent manuscript published in Oecologia, “Size-growth asymmetry is not consistently related to productivity across an eastern U.S. temperate forest network”. This work shows that productivity is not always positively related to tree size and suggests that we investigate structural forest components for unique drivers of annual growth.


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Ross Alexander

Ross Alexander