Data Cannot Speak for Themselves


Data are prized commodities both in business and science. However, raw data can be super noisy and are typically not overly useful. A solid analysis can reveal exciting and novel trends within the data, but without effective presentation and interpretation, the data may not reach their full potential. As a scientist, my expertise is in analyzing, interpreting, and presenting data to a variety of audiences to effectively communicate my message. Data alone are just numbers, but with the right interpretation and effective presentation they can change the world. Below are some examples from my data analysis portfolio. All analyses and visualizations were conducted in the R programming language using ggplot2. Code is available upon request.


Analytical Techniques used

  • Linear Regression (nested and multiple)

  • Non-linear (generalized) regression

  • Single Value Decomposition (Principal Components Analysis)

  • Time Series Analysis

    • Detrending methdods

    • Autoregressive models

  • Generalized Additive Models (Gams)

  • Threshold/breakpoint Analyses